Camo Code are proud to announce our establishment early in 2014. We are a group of experienced people with a proven track record in the development of IT solutions. Our team of professionals from various fields possess in-depth expertise in providing IT services to small and large businesses alike. We specialise in designing, building, deploying and maintaining applications across all major areas of technology.

Working together with clients and business partners, our main goal is to develop solutions to increase business efficiency and reduce costs through developing the required IT Solutions using ​​new technologies.

Range of activities

Our focus is geared towards designing and building modern IT solutions based on the cutting-edge technology and strong market trends, especially in the area of ​​Mobile Applications and Cloud Computing solutions.

We are familiar with all major mobile platforms such as; Apple iOSGoogle Android as well as Microsoft Windows Mobile, for which we have many years of experience in creating commercial solutions. Therefore, we can offer our customers the highest quality of service.

We also specialise in solutions for the area of Home Automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning, conducting various types of research and development activities, thus providing affordable solutions for these complex technological projects.

Our mission

We believe the main objective of building products based on technology is to help people in their daily lives, we therefore create our products and services primarily for people who will later utilise them.

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